Refinished Range Balls


Call Sunset At 330-283-8770. Then pack up your dirty, scuffed, used golf balls and ship to Sunset Refinishing. when you call us, we'll help you with this step too.


Sunset processes your order.
  1. Sunset cleans your golf balls using our special processes
  2. Next we oxide to remove clear coat and paint
  3. Sunset sprays an industrial golf ball standard white base coat. This thin epoxy paint refinishes the ball to look brand new and a season or two to the life of the ball
  4. We then professionally print stripes, text or customize the ball with your logo.
  5. Finally we apply an industry clear top coat. This gives the ball lasting durability, protecting the paint and keeping the balls clean, neat and free of stains.


Sunset then packs up your "new" range balls and ships them back to you, generally in less than two weeks. Your old range balls look and play like new. Your customers will think you have spent thousands on new balls, and they'll feel like they're hitting balls fresh from the factory.

In 2010, Sunset refinished over three MILLION golf balls. Make the great business decision to save thousands. As you evaluate your current stock of balls, consider the pile that appears too worn to use again in 2011. When it's time to consider restocking call Sunset Golf first at 330-283-8770.

If you'd like for us to contact you, please use the form below and we'll get back to you soon.

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